Chapter One
   Taking Out The Garbage

  Chapter Two
   Start Your Engines
   Search Engines That Is



“Ok, hot shot. What should we do now?” Fear looked directly at Monique and tapped her foot. She expected an answer.

“Nothing yet, we just wait.” Monique said. Her voice echoed against the bare walls. All the paintings had been removed. Their absence produced a strange geometric pattern of light colored horizontal and vertical rectangles against the dingy tea colored walls.

“Wait? Wait? Disappointment was wringing her hands and openly sobbing.

“I want chocolate covered cherries in a big fucking box covered in velvet,” Disappointment said. “I want music and black tie galas and a cruise to St Barth’s and… .” Fear cut her off.

“You want, you want, want, want, want, that’s all I’ve heard for decades, you hear me decades.” Fear was now screaming at the top of her lungs. “You’d have to be an idiot to enjoy kicking yourself all day.”

“Just shut up you ninnies, I’m thinking.” Monique said. “Yeah, we have to wait, we bide our time. I’ll think of something. Girls, this sucks but remember this, we are finally free and what ever happens next will be an improvement that’s for sure. And I promise you, I will see to that.”

Fear rocked back and forth, holding onto her knees for dear life. Disappointment clung to her dog, Divina, and buried her face into the dog’s silky fur.

Wait, wait, sure wait, but for what? That was the question.

Ellen was a divorced woman. Ellen was no longer married. Ellen was alone. Ellen would sleep alone, wake alone, cook for one and eat alone. Ellen was fifty-six years old, without husband or children to care for. After thirty some odd years of being a twosome, for the first time in her entire adult life, in fact, Ellen was single.

She tried out each and every one of these thoughts over and over, and all she could come up with was…. holy shit, now what?…

Ellen realized in a flash that unconditional love had a shelf life. But pain was like spider’s silk, regurgitated and wound into threads that left a web of memories clinging to every surface of the mind, an indelible trail that glowed in the dark. An eerily bright path left behind in the primordial forest, just in case one had to find the way back to the…”why.” The big, “how the hell did I get here?”

Ellen’s soulful journey to find love at the age of 56 begins with her introduction to the wonders and pitfalls of online dating. Together, she and her imaginary friends, Fear, Disappointment, and Monique, her alter ego, tear through the new world of cyber space with a combination of trepidation and courage. Her antics and experiences are documented with blatant humor and pathos as she dates dozens of men from New York to Florida. From Mr. Soup and Salad, to Mr. Float My Boat, her transformation is fraught with classic core issues: co-dependency, love addiction, intimacy, parenting, self-sufficiency, truth and self-awareness.

In the tradition of the classics: Fear of Flying, Bridget Jones Diary and Eat Pray Love, LOVE AT FIRST SITE is a modern ‘coming of age story. Pithy, poignant, and hilarious, it is the heart tugging portrayal of one woman’s struggle to find love.

Reviews & Comments

“…. I have just read the first manuscript in the last ten years that I think is a commercial woman’s book and has a chance to make it.”
—Martin Levin. Partner: Cowan Liebowitz & Latman

FANTASTIC! I finally had time to sit down to read ... had me hooked & finished in one sitting. Laughed out loud often, especially at:
“Mags, really, go easy. I just don’t know how I feel. I wait thirty years for this and wind up on the guy’s hardwood floor. I’m not a kid anymore. Thank god he was a vegetarian, I don’t know what I would have done if he had staying power.”

This is going to be a hit ... the story is a gem, just like you! My God ... and artist AND a writer?? You're the real deal!
—Kim Tudor, Owner, Tudor & Company

“….YIKES, I was just finishing chapter 15 and going for more…I am so hooked now that I beg you to send the rest of the files. I am impressed with your style. It is engaging and fun.”
“I finished the book tonight…. I really loved the book. There were some places where I laughed hysterically and felt good. Thanks for sharing your treasure with me.”
—Margie Fincham. RN, MSM, GCNS

“…. It was clever and well written.”
—Editor/reader Bob Diforio Agency

“ Chapters ten though nineteen………. This is really strong. The imaginary friends are absolutely great…. just love the scenes with these three.”
“ I think you’ve shown the two steps forward, one step back that is the way change happens. Now I understand her growth- highs and lows, so real.”
—Cathy Gandel. Author, Editor